US storage firm Vicom Systems is preparing to step into the breach to help companies affected by the January closure of Active Storage.

Vicom’s Vxr storage arrays are developed by the same manufacturer as Active Storage’s Active- RAID and mRAID arrays.

Vicom vice-president of business development Dietmar Kurpanek told Broadcast it would use that relationship to supply components for the Mac-friendly Active Storage arrays.

The company plans to ship the components to post facilities and broadcasters that do not want to migrate to other storage and management systems.

But Vicom does not plan to take on warranties for Active Storage equipment, and software from Active, such as ActiveSAN, will not be supported by the company.

Kurpanek said the arrangement was not a precursor to a deal to take on Active Storage assets.

In January, Active Storage UK managing director Paul Philips left the company to join Levels Beyond and company founder Alex Grossman joined Quantum.