Digital media supply chain specialist Visual Data Media Services (VDMS) has upgraded its facilities in London and Los Angeles.

The company has invested £600,000 in the infrastructure upgrade which includes installation of a Spectra T950 Enterprise Tape Libraries at each location.

The multi-petabyte libraries, which are designed for LTO-6 tapes but are LTO-7 ready, will provide mirrored storage in both London and LA. 

Tedial’s Enterprise Evolution MAM solution will control the mirrored storage system between the two facilities. The set-up will enable flexible storage options across both locations.

VDMS upgrade was driven by a renewed focus on safety in the wake of recent studio cybersecurity breaches, and the escalating volumes of digital content requiring storage as the global industry shifts from tape to files.

In the last 12 months, the demand for content processing from Netflix, for which Visual Data is a preferred vendor, has quadrupled, and this trend is being replicated across the company’s client base.

VDMS managing director Symon Roue said: “The Spectra Logic libraries are designed for the mega-data-center world, which is increasingly the world inhabited by our clients. This investment not only represents a step change in our digital storage capacity, but also in our security and disaster resilience.

“The security element, which is now at the top of the entertainment industry’s agenda, is enhanced by the mirrored storage environment in Los Angeles and London. We see this infrastructure upgrade as an investment not only in our future, but in our industry’s future peace of mind.”

In July, VDMS became accredited by the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), which works to enhance content supply-chain security via risk-management assessments and audits.