BVE 2015: Visual Impact has ordered six of Panasonic’s modular 4K cameras, with four sold to the group’s 24-7 Drama rental division for use on a drama that will air in the autumn.

“We worked very closely with Panasonic to ensure the client achieved the results they were looking for,” said 24-7 Drama managing director Graham Hawkins.

“Along with the cameras we will be supplying a large range of lenses and ArriFlex accessories.”

“This is a great 4K camera from Panasonic and offers our customers a true alternative to the current large sensor cameras we stock,” added Visual Impact director Tim Sparrock.

Panasonic UK group manager Nigel Wilkes described the deal as “really significant” for Panasonic in the UK.

He said: “It’s no surprise that the first major production win has come in drama.

“The dual native ISO makes the VariCam 35 perfect for the genre and it opens up shots and locations previously unobtainable.”

“Most productions are aware that post-production starts on the film set during shooting.

“The fact that the VariCam allows you to record simultaneously in multiple formats and start initialising the image look in-camera can make the post production process significantly easier.”