The first of the standalone products that SGO is spinning out of its Mistaka system has been made available in beta form.

SGO VR Mistika stitch

The Mistika VR application offers real-time stitching capabilities combined with raw format support, taking camera position information and sequences and combining the images using pre-sets.

SGO announced earlier this year that it is planning to make the various post-production tools within its Mistika finishing system available as separate products.

Applications for grading, compositing and conforming are also likely to be launched, in each case on a pay-as-you-go basis and running on Windows and Mac.

SGO managing director Geoff Mills said, “We believe that breaking down specific workflows solutions will enable the industry to adopt a much more flexible workflow and one that can be adapted to the project users are working on.”

A beta version of Mistika VR is live now. Pricing plans are available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis or as a 30-day license.