Complete picture and audio post for the programme about the airship crash.

Post Splice

Client Blink Films

Brief Complete picture and audio post for the programme in which a team of engineers investigate what caused the airship to crash.

How it was done Colourist Chris Rodgers graded the programme in Baselight.

He created a vibrant, punchy feel for the documentary elements of the programme, while the Arri Alexa-shot reconstructions were heavily treated to achieve a high contrast and grainy film look that was reminiscent of archive footage from the time of the disaster.

Online editor Adam Dolniak used the Avid DS to apply finishing touches to the programme.

He worked with the director to further enhance the look and the transitions between the reconstructions and archive footage, as well as using complex compositing and effects to bring the film to life.

Watch it 7 March, 9pm, C4