The story of the men who built America are among the must-see properties on La Croisette this year.


  • Distributor A+E Networks
  • Country US
  • Length 8 x 60 minutes
  • Producer Stephen David Entertainment
  • Channel History

An exploration of the industrial age that shaped the US we know today, thanks both to the work of visionaries such as Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Ford, and the millions of workers, from the steel mills of Pennsylvania to the assembly lines of Detroit, who realised their ambitions. This ambitious factual series examines the reality of the American dream and the effect of these pioneers on events from the Civil War to the Great Depression. To bring the history to life, the production brought in Brainstorm Digital, the Emmy Award-winning company that recreated 1920s Atlantic City for HBO drama Boardwalk Empire. Using original sources, they have created a 360-degree view of the transformation of the oil, rail, steel, shipping, automotive and finance industries.

Into The Wave

  • Distributor Zodiak Rights
  • Country France
  • Length 1 x 60 minutes
  • Producer Dissidents Woods TV
  • Channel Arte France

A whistle-stop tour of the world of surfing that looks at the leisure pursuit’s impact on sport, culture and lifestyles. Looking back to the early days of long-boarding and bringing things up to date with new techniques in foil riding and tow surfing, the documentary also takes in Malibu’s beach-bum scene, iconic surf movies and fashions, and glitzy fashion parties. It also promises drama, with footage of death-defying acts, including attempts to ride notoriously difficult waves near Hawaiian island Maui and Belharra on the Basque coast.


  • Distributor Beyond
  • Country Canada
  • Length 8 x 60 minutes
  • Producer Great Pacific Media
  • Broadcaster Discovery Canada

Jamie Davis faces the daunting task of maintaining the highway that runs through the rugged mountains of British Columbia in Canada, used by thousands of truckers all year round. During winter, truck crashes force the closure of the roads on average every 12 hours. With his team of tow-truck drivers, Davis battles extreme temperatures and seemingly impossible conditions to remove often dangerous cargo, clean up the carnage and get the truck traffic rolling again. The series scored the biggest audience ever for a premiere on Discovery Channel Canada this month and is building interest via social media.