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Dexter: Early Cuts

US cable broadcaster Showtime has commissioned a series of animated webisodes that sketch in the early life
of serial killer Dexter.

Running weekly on its website while Dexter’s fourth series airs in the US, Dexter:Early Cuts tells the story of three murders committed by the title character. Star Michael C Hall provides a voiceover and the series features the original TV score and a cinematic look.

Three graphic-novel illustrators brought their own styles to the stories, kicking off with Kyle Baker’s take on Dexter’s murder of a morally dubious sniper. Built in 3D in PhotoShop then overdrawn, it reveals how Dexter started his bloody collection of kill trophies.

Writer Lauren Gussis, a co-producer and writer on Dexter, said the animation gave new freedom to explore the noir-ish qualities of the show. “I don’t want to see a child getting shot on the series, but when it comes to a comic book and you see a bullet going through the air it’s a really cool thing to do,” she notes.

The series, which is viewable in the UK, is part of an online push that includes iPhone apps and blood-splatter-analysis videos.

Broadcaster Showtime
Executive producer Paul Thomson
Directors Luis Blanco and Michael Uman
Writer Lauren Gussis
Animators Kyle Baker, Ty Templeton, Andrés Vera Martínez

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