NAB 2015: ChyronHego is unveiling Studio MediaMaker for streamlining broadcast production for smaller organisations.

ChyronHego-StudioMediaMaker screen

ChyronHego said Studio MediaMaker automates the end-to-end processes of broadcasting, from planning to production to file-based publishing of news content, and then through seamless links to graphics workflow solutions and other production resources. 

Studio MediaMaker works as a standalone system and provides tight integration to any MOS-compatible newsroom computer system if required, with templated file-based delivery of content to internal MAMs, transmission servers, and websites

The company claimed Studio MediaMaker brings new efficiencies to operations without requiring control rooms or technicians, stating that a news anchor alone could easily drive the automation.

ChyronHego president and CEO Johan Apel said the emergence of new types of broadcast content producers, such as newspapers, sports clubs, and corporate organisations, was driving demand for cost-effective tools to get video content produced and delivered to air.

“At the same time, traditional broadcasters are looking for more efficient systems with which to package their content to support ever larger channel lineups,” he added. “With Studio MediaMaker, we’re bringing unprecedented simplicity to production automation for smaller operations and on-demand content producers, as well as to larger networks that are expanding their local news and weather coverage. All of these customers benefit from streamlined news production workflows and cost-effectiveness through automation.” 

Users of ChyronHego’s CAMIO suite of newsroom graphics tools can utilise existing graphics assets within Studio MediaMaker. For example, networks producing local editions of news and weather can keep their links to the CAMIO assets and creation tools they use for the main shows and leverage them in Studio MediaMaker without reworking.