Audio post house 2nd Sense has come to an agreement to operate a newly equipped surround sound dubbing suite in conjunction with Ace Post Production in North West London.

As part of a joint venture, the suite will provide clients at Ace with HD and 5.1 sound mixes.

Tudor Davies, a director at 2nd Sense, said: “We have set out to provide a very cost-effective solution to the complexities of 5.1 mixing. The room suits small- to medium-sized productions that need to do a basic voiceover session and sound mix.”

“This leaves our larger sound suites in Elstree Studios available for more complex sound projects and larger recording sessions,” he added.

The new sound suite is equipped with Pyramix version 6 for editing, mixing and mastering, a Euphonix controller and Harbeth 5.1 monitoring and will be able to handle most video formats including HDCam SR. Layback will be available in Dolby E format.

The joint venture’s first work will be on CBBC’s The Legend Of Dick And Dom.