3ality Digital is adding to its range of beam-splitter mirror rigs with the introduction of a lighter version that can be used with lightweight tripods, shoulder mounts and Steadicam.

TS-5 features the same motor-driven adjustment of inter-axial distance and convergence - under the command of the 3Flex production system - as its larger siblings but weighs just 10kg.

The rig can also operate wirelessly via a bi-directional wireless link that carries the two camera signals and also provides a data path between the stereoscopic image processor (SIP) and the rig, ensuring that all the required fine adjustments can be made remotely in real-time.

“We work with all the leading 3D production companies, and talk to them continually about precisely what functionality they need,” said Steve Schklair the chief executive of 3ality Digital.

“The message came clearly to us that they wanted more flexibility for the camera, to be able to get quickly into position, and to be able to make Steadicam tracking shots. We recognised that reducing the bulk and weight was only part of the solution, and added complete wireless connectivity.”

The new 3ality Digital production rig is sold as a complete system, with the wireless interface and batteries in a backpack worn by the camera operator.