NAB 2015: Aframe is set to offer broadcast-grade cloud-based editing in a combined solution with Adobe’s collaborative video workflow platform.

‘Adobe Anywhere in the Cloud delivered by Aframe’ is being unveiled at NAB, aiming to enable broadcasters and content producers to edit large-scale video projects remotely and securely.

Aframe also claimed it would eliminate the large capital outlay for infrastructure and equipment.

In operation, Aframe provides the central hub for the storage and management of original native video content, with Adobe Anywhere providing stream-based editing capabilities.

The workflow enables content producers to browse cloud-hosted content stored in their Aframe projects and sync selected assets with an Adobe Anywhere Production, search across projects for clips with descriptive metadata matching specific keywords and preview media to pick out the best takes or pieces of footage.

Once clips are located, Adobe Anywhere’s Mercury Streaming Engine generates a real-time adaptive bit rate stream of the high-resolution media to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, as if users were working off a connected drive or shared storage.

Since the edit happens within Adobe Premiere Pro CC, there is no new UI to learn or change of workflow. Editors can pause or save work, and when they reconnect to the internet, resume where they left off without having to duplicate media.

Work-in-progress can be shared for approval via Aframe’s share link feature, which allows reviewers play back the latest cut on their mobile devices and provide feedback.

As sequences directly reference the high-res media on Aframe, to complete an edit users select and export them in the chosen resolution from Adobe Premiere Pro CC. There is no need for a conform stage.

Finished masters are stored in the Aframe project and are delivered via Aframe’s automated, accelerated desktop application.

Aframe claimed the fully integrated solution would require little or no setup and zero maintenance. Users need only to have the right version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a valid Adobe Anywhere license, and an Aframe account.

Adobe senior director of business development Simon Williams said Adobe Anywhere gives teams the flexibility to tap into talent wherever they might be. “Aframe’s integration with Adobe Anywhere significantly reduces the investment for customers in infrastructure, a big plus for many organisations,” he said.

Aframe founder and chief executive David Peto added, “The dream has always been collaboration and editing in the cloud, with no download. To finally see that dream a reality and the reaction we’ve had already, makes this one of the most exciting times in the history of the company, and we hope for the industry.”