Ahc Post and X-Ray FX have merged to create a£1m-a-year high-definition boutique in Soho.
Ahc Post and X-Ray FX have merged to create a £1m-a-year high-definition boutique in Soho.

The new company, which will continue to trade under the name of AHC Post from its Newburgh Street office, has been formed to meet a growing demand for HD expertise and allow it to compete with bigger companies.

AHC Post's managing director, Andrew Cummings, saw the move as the perfect opportunity to strengthen the company's position in the market. "With X-Ray on board we can combine its industry experience with our HD expertise, which allows us to offer HD how the market wants it, basically at a speed and cost more in line with SD."

X-Ray has credits, which include BBC3 idents, Living TV title sequences and numerous promos. AHC has provided a variety of editing services on HD projects such as the Ray Winstone feature film Everything.

The managing director of X-Ray FX, Victor Riva, who was formerly a senior editor at Rushes, explained the reason behind the decision to merge with AHC Post. "In my professional opinion there is only one choice for working with HD and that is AHC's workflow model."

AHC uses two EQ systems equipped with Qcolor and a QEdit Pro for post-production. It also has a Sony F900 HD camera as part of its HD set-up.

There will be no job losses as a result of the merger. The new company will focus on providing HD finishing services across a number of sectors.