Cloud-based service, Emotional Fingerprint API, provides insight for recommendations engines

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 12.54.42

Swedish AI firm Vionlabs has launched a cloud-based AI-driven service called ‘Emotional Fingerprint API’.

The service provides “deep AI-generated video data and insights,” says Vionlabs.

Emotional Fingerprint API is designed to integrate into existing workflows and measures “thousands of factors” including colours, pace, audio and object recognition, to form the ‘emotional structure’ of each frame of video.

Vionlabs believes the data will be useful for personalised video recommendations and “enabling intriguing opportunities in advertising.”

Marcus Bergström, CEO, Vionlabs, said: “By providing powerful video data and insight as a service we’re making it easier for media organisations to utilise the deepest video knowledge presently available. With the launch of our cloud-based Emotional Fingerprint API, our customers can deploy our data and insights with their existing recommendation and personalisation workflows.”