Members of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (Aims) have elected Scott Barella and Andy Warman to the organisation’s board of directors.

Barella, the chief technology officer of Utah Scientific, has served as deputy chairman of the Aims Technical Working Group since January 2016.

Warman is the director of production and playout strategy and market development at Harmonic, where he provides business development and strategic direction for Harmonic’s line of playout-enabled solutions.

As board members, Barella and Warman will help lead the Aims effort to foster adoption of one set of common, standards-based protocols for interoperability over IP.

“Several existing standards bodies and other groups are working hard to create technical recommendations, standards, and architectures around IP signal transport,” said Aims board chair Michael Cronk.

“At Aims, our role is to support those organisations by encouraging adoption of their work and cultivating IP interoperability.

“Like all of our members, Scott and Andy are passionate about this effort because they believe that the only way to make progress is by working together. Clearly our members are confident that these two will bring that passion to their roles on the board.”

Existing board members Cronk, deputy board chair Steve Reynolds and chief financial officer Andreas Hilmer all were re-elected to their positions.