Arri’s new Alexa digital film cameras will shoot directly to native Final Cut Pro codecs, the German manufacturer has revealed.

Apple’s ProRes 422 and ProRes 4444 will both be encoded on board the Super 35mm format CMOS sensor-based shooter in order to allow instant playback and editing on Final Cut Pro.

The proxy images - along with audio, metadata and XML files - will be captured to SxS memory cards.

Alexa will also be able to simultaneously output the same information to uncompressed HD video and uncompressed ARRIRAW data.

“With Alexa we really wanted to leapfrog the competition in every possible way,” said Arri business development manager Milan Krsljanin

“We looked at how to make the camera affordable and how to make it work fast on set and in the edit suite. For example, with Alexa and a Mac Book Pro you can online on-set in 4:4;4. The new workflow options really bridge the efficiency gaps that customers told us about.”

Krsljanin also described Alexa as a “tool for the next generation of filmmakers.”

At the same time, the company revealed that major components of the camera will be changeable. These include the module that holds the memory cards, the camera electronics and the Exchangeable Lens Mount (ELM) system.

The Alexa camera offers a 3.5k pixel count that provides for both HD (1920x1080) and 2K DI working. It will be available to buy in June. Prices start at around £50,000.

Rental companies are being given a first look at the new camera and its workflow options before NAB in Las Vegas.

The first orders for Alexa will taken from 12 April at the show.