The Association of Motion Picture Sound is to launch a leaflet and webpage at BVE this week setting out ways in which producers can keep their sound budgets under control.

According to AMPS chairman Peter Hodges the ‘Budgeting For Sound’ leaflet sets out how to avoid common mistakes during the production process, which will affect the cost of production when it comes to post.

Producers will also be able to find further in-depth information about sound budgets at the AMPS website (

“Sound, production and post are not separate entities. In sound terms, technology has linked them and while they may still have separate budgets allocated they are now part of the same cost structure. Put simply: ‘Errors in production are paid for it in post’. But it needn’t be like that.”

Hodges added that the information is not just targeted at those new to production. “The rate of change in technology and workflow has undermined the understanding of even the most experienced producers.”

The AMPS is located at Stand G64