Hull joins the likes of musician Jarvis Cocker as part of the talented team working on Wes Anderson's eagerly awaited feature film Fantastic Mr Fox - but unlike Cocker, who is creating the soundtrack, Hull is only 22.

The project followed close on the heels of his work on 26 episodes of children's show Mist: Sheepdog Tales.

Writer and co-director Richard Overall says: “It was tortuous to edit, the animals were not trained and things rarely happened as we hoped, but Anthony held the whole process together, and is a remarkable cheat too - he rescued sequences by stealing shots from other episodes, locations and seasons.

"He flopped, reversed, time-stretched and composited - all to make the whole thing feel like a natural series of events.”

Hull hadn't completed his course at the Metropolitan Film School before he cut his teeth at The Illuminated Film Company on Little Princess, based on the award-winning children's books by Tony Ross.

They were so impressed that they hired him for two years, in which he edited 65 episodes of the show.