Procam Television has signed a deal that will see the equipment hire firm’s entire fleet of cameras kitted out exclusively with batteries and chargers from Anton Bauer.

The deal will see Procam buy 250 of Anton Bauer’s latest Dionic HC batteries and 50 TM4 chargers following a field test featuring several competing brands.

John Brennan, managing director of Procam Television, said “Companies in the equipment hire market are constantly trying to out-do each other in terms of equipment superiority, and our investment in Anton Bauer’s next-generation products will give us an important technological lead in the market. To be honest, our decision was made even easier when we tested the Dionic HC with the TM4 chargers. When combined with Anton Bauer’s unrivalled worldwide customer support, there really was only one logical option.”

Featuring a radical step forward in Li-ion technology, the Dionic HC is designed to handle high-current applications. The 91 watt-hour Dionic HC can operate a 40-watt HD camcorder for over two hours, making it suitable for users working with high-end HD or HD-XDCAM camcorders and on long shoots.

“The Dionic HC’s latest cell technology for high current draw applications is crucial when it comes to today’s power-hungry camcorder attachments, including wireless monitors, wireless microphones and on-board camera lights,” said Brennan. “HD camcorders are now common place in the hire market, so it was also essential for us to find a product that would be compatible with our high-end equipment while providing our clients with a long-lasting battery that would give them the flexibility of filming in remote areas over a longer period of time. Our crew is also far happier as these batteries are not only powerful, but lightweight for ease of use.”

Anton Bauer, established in 1970 is part of the Vitec Group. Procam Television provides shooting kit and peripherals to television, film and commercials producers.