Former Rocket Post Production (RKT) and Ilab staff will have to restart their claims for unfair dismissal, non-payment of wages and statutory redundancy pay.

The 10 ex-employees won a preliminary hearing in July last year to establish which of four limited companies - RKT Post Production, Ilab Facilities, Ilab UK and Ticketlamp - was responsible for the staff before, during and after the merger of Rocket and ILab in 2009.

But an appeal tribunal has ruled that the verdict was flawed because the tribunal failed to establish why there were transfers of undertaking between the employers.

Recruitment law firm Hendons’ James Goldman, which is representing the claimants, said it would restart proceedings.

“The next stage is to go back to the tribunal and start again from scratch, which we hope will happen in the next couple of months,” he said.

“The battle goes on and we are still keen to see that justice is done.”