Outside broadcast facilities provider Arena Television has begun deploying a single expanding HD truck designed for productions taking place in confined spaces such as London streets.

The truck can operate with the expand in or out which Arena chief executive James Bonnar insists makes it perfect for the capital.

“If the driver passes a lamppost he can pull in the expand automatically,” he said. “I believe this makes it unique in this country.”

The truck, which cost£1.5m to build excluding cameras and the VT system, benefits from 12 Sony HD cameras, 12 Sony HD VTRs, a Calrec sound desk, a Pro Bel router and a Sony MVS8000 vision mixer.

It was used for the BBC's Electric Proms in October where it was parked on Liverpool Street, a part of London that - according to Bonnar - would not have accommodated a double expanding truck.

As well as one-off events, the truck will be deployed for Setanta's coverage of the Premiership, a contract that runs for another 18 months.

It is one of three OB vehicles that the company has commissioned this year. The others are an HD double expanding truck and a large VT truck which the company will take delivery of this week.