ArenaP3 has linked up with online editing boutique Halo as part of a wider expansion within the Television Set Group.
ArenaP3 has linked up with online editing boutique Halo as part of a wider expansion within the Television Set Group.

TV Set is moving Halo, formed last year by former Nats editors John Rogerson, Adrian Brindle and Alan Johns into ArenaP3's Newman Street building, giving Halo access to the graphics, audio and dubbing facilities within the TV Set Group while providing a new set of primetime documentary clients for ArenaP3.

It will remain an independent company, retaining its identity and an audio suite in Viacom's Oxford Street HQ. Rogerson, Brindle and Johns formed Halo following Nats' acquisition by Evolutions last year.

Recent Halo projects include Nuclear Secrets, Hannibaland Panoramafor the BBC, Grand Designsand Wag Boutiquefor Talkback Thames and The Secret Family of Jesusfor CTVC/C4.

'A creative-led boutique within a larger infrastructure is very attractive for clients who get the best of both worlds when the whole project can be controlled under one roof,' said TV Set managing director Terry Bettles.

'It is near impossible for small facilities with a single speciality to survive,' he added. 'You can only survive by offering the full range of services. Integration with production companies could be the next logical step forward for large facilities like ourselves.'

Commenting on the move, Rogerson said: 'We can't afford a million pounds of Pogle grading equipment, but now we can offer it. We've already gained new business.'

As part of its expansion, TV Set is also intending to buy a post-production business within the month. According to Bettles the deal is almost signed. 'We are looking at adding a very attractive business. We won't do it unless it's absolutely right for us. It's no good taking over another company if it has the same sort of work.'

The TV Set Group comprises short-form outfit Concrete, dubbing facility TV Set and ArenaP3, which recently won the post-production and delivery of the next 55 episodes of Leopard Films' Cash in the Atticfor BBC1.

TV Set incorporated Blue Turtle in 2002 and P3 in 2004 and has come close to acquiring both Fusion and Skaramoosh over the past two years.

It recently spent £400,000 upgrading Concrete and owns the seven-storey Newman Street building. A £250,000 Film Master HD grading suite has been installed and the firm is beta testing the integration of the product with Avid Symphony and DS Nitris workflows for manufacturer Digital Vision.