IBC 2013: Arri has revealed a new camera at the Amsterdam trade show.

The Amira is descibed by Arri as a “documentary-style camera” which has been designed as a single operator device.

It comes with pre-loaded looks which Arri’s Stephan Schenk described as ‘in-camera grading’.

It has a 35mm sensor, with the same chip and platform as the Alexa and records Rec 709 or Log C images using ProRes LT, 422, 422HQ or 444 codecs.

It shoots up to 200fps and offers 14 stops of dynamic range.

The camera also includes an OLED eyepiece with a fold-away LCD monitor.

The price is yet to be confirmed but it will be “attractive” and below the Alexa, a spokesperson said.

There are three prototypes of the camera, all of which are at the Amsterdam trade show.

The Amira is likely to ship from January next year but Arri is not expected to take orders for the camera at IBC.

Arri Amira