IBC 2012: Arri has developed an adapter to link its Alexa camera to fibre optic.

Arri said the camera’s shallow depth of field would lead to higher production value for soaps, sitcoms, music concerts and talk shows.

Arri business development manager Milan Krsljanin said: “It’s basically an Alexa configured for a TV studio, with the image quality you’d expect to be used for TV drama.

“It’s for productions that want that kind of quality in a multi-camera environment.”

The set-up uses CopperHead from Telecast, with Alexa and Alexa Plus models connected through a SMPTE 311M fibre connection and remote controlled for live painting of an image.

The Alexa used in the Fibre Remote Option doesn’t have on-board recording or Arri RAW options.

The cost is expected to be around £32,000.