The systems and technology services division of Ascent Media has completed the build of a new studio for the part UGC channel Current TV.

The installation is a full robotic studio system based in Milan and follows other studio projects for Current TV in the UK and US.

Ascent Media completed the pre-fabrication and testing of the studio and control facilities in the UK over a period of two weeks before the kit was shipped out to be installed in Milan.

The systems and technology services (S&TS) team was responsible for designing a studio system that is capable of being controlled remotely from Current TV's playout centre in San Francisco.

The team also managed the three-week on-site installation of all aspects of the technology infrastructure including production and control desks, audio suite, on- and off-line storage and editing facilities.

Paul Wilkins, vice president of technology and operations EMEA at Ascent Media S&TS, said “This latest technology-build demonstrates Current TV's continued push into new territories.

“As the Current TV business-model is unique, so its broadcast operation needs to be. The design is unlike that of any other broadcaster.”

Current TV's global broadcasting infrastructure uses a hub-and-spoke control and playout model, designed by Ascent Media, where all operations can be managed centrally.

From the local sites, producers are responsible for sourcing and editing content and providing playout and monitoring control as required.

The model was designed to allow on-going expansion by adding studios in each new region as the broadcaster expands its operations.

Current is made up of Current TV and and blends citizen journalism content with viewer participation programming. Roughly one-third of its output is described as ‘interactive viewer created content'.

Current TV airs on Sky and Virgin Media in the UK.

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