Ascent Media has won a Europewide tender to clean-up and transfer more than 1,250 hours of historic newsreel film from Holland’s film archives.

The post company won the contract by pulling together a pitch that included its digital and film lab facilities Soho Film Lab, TK One and the Film Clinic.

The job will involve ultrasonic cleaning of 16mm film footage and Digibeta transfer in a five-month contract that will require 55 hours of telecine transfer per week.

The tender was issued jointly by the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision (Beeldengeluid), the Dutch Film Museum and the Dutch National Archive and will result in browse-quality clips being made available to the public online.

Project manager Tom De Smet said: “Ascent Media has a lot of experience in managing archive formats and its combination of film lab and digital facilities meant that it could offer us a good price as well as being capable of delivering the quality.”