Autodesk has launched its Combustion 2008 software, the latest version of its desktop compositing and VFX solution featuring the Colour Warper tool (from the Flame visual effects system) as well as improvements to the schematic view.

The Colour Warper performs primary and selective colour correction and allows for precise fine tuning including: interactive adjustment of gamma, gain, offset, hue, saturation, and contrast; a tint colour wheel and a visual colour sampling palette; an interactive histogram; independent controls for colour correcting the image’s shadow, midtone, and highlight regions; a match feature for scene-to-scene colour correction; a selective feature for sampling three different colour regions for isolation correction; and user interface features comprising a high-quality RGB vector scope and a 3D histogram for precise colour monitoring.

The release will cost approximately £850 and the upgrade price from Combustion 4 to Combustion 2008 will be £165.