Autodesk is hoping to slash its annual operating expenses by between $100 and $150 million through another series of global cutbacks.

A drop in discretionary spending, the consolidation of facilities, reductions in its contingent workforce and staff redundancies are all part of the plan, details of which will be finalized next month.

The moves are in addition to the cost savings of $130 million a year that the company announced in January.

"We have not seen an improvement in global economic conditions and we believe that taking additional actions to reduce our cost structure is appropriate at this time," said Carl Bass, Autodesk president and chief executive.

"Combined, our restructuring in January and this new initiative would eliminate between $230 and $280 million in pre-tax operating expenses on an annualized basis. As we navigate this severe economic downturn, we will continue to invest in targeted areas of our business while reducing costs throughout the organization.

"I'm confident these actions will serve to increase our efficiencies and strengthen our leadership position."