Autodesk will launch a new version of its Lustre digital grading system at IBC that can handle stereoscopic 3D work.

The colour grading tools in Lustre 2009 will speed up grading, previewing and rendering left and right eye media.

Lustre 2009 also includes Timeline Sort Mode, a new feature that lets colourists rearrange the shots of an assembled edit decision list, grade and return them to their original EDL order.

Other features:

  • Hue, lightness and saturation (HLS) secondary grading and Noise Reduction are GPU-accelerated, as well as several of the Lustre effects plug-ins.

  • Integrated audio I/O with 8 channels of synchronised playback, making it possible for colourists to capture audio directly from a video source and use sound as an element of look design.

  • The ability to adjust the response sensitivity of the control panel to suit each colourist's individual preferences.

Autodesk anticipates that Lustre 2009 will be available in October 2008.