Automatic Duck is releasing a new version of its Pro Export timeline integration plug-in that will give editors the ability to convert Final Cut Pro media files into Avid media files.

Pro Export FCP 4.0 allows FCP media to be passed between FCP and Avid and also between FCP and both Pro Tools and Quantel editing systems within a post production environment. With previous versions you had to recapture your media.

Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck said: "The features we're showcasing here at the show reflect much of that level of communication and input from our customers.

“With the new versions of Pro Import and Pro Export FCP, we got very aggressive in solving the workflow challenges for Final Cut Pro users and how they work with Avid, Quantel and Pro Tools."

Pro Export FCP 4.0 will offer

  • The ability to convert Final Cut Pro media into Avid media files

  • Conversion of many FCP effects and parameters into Avid effects, such as Picture-In-Picture.

  • The ability to export an AAF file to Pro Tools, linking to external media files.

  • The ability to include video track for viewing picture.

  • The inclusion of more effects data from Final Cut Pro for import into next generation Quantel iQ and eQ systems.

Pro Export FCP 4.0 will be available in the summer of 2008 and will be priced at $495.00 for new customers or $195.00 as an upgrade.

A new version of Pro Import FCP 2.04 is also being released. This new incarnation sees an improvement of the "Use existing media" feature for importing Avid sequences into FCP.

Pro Import FCP 2.04 will priced at $495.00 for new customers and as a free update for existing users.

Also announced at NAB, Quantel has struck a deal with Automatic Duck that will see all eQ, iQ and Pablo Quattro owners get a free copy of the Pro-Export plug-in for Final Cut Pro.

Automatic Duck makes Timeline Integration Engine technology for timeline translation capabilities between Avid, Adobe After Effects, Combustion, Discreet Smoke, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Quantel via XML, OMF and AAF.