Avid and Adobe have warned their customers not to update to the latest version of Apple’s OS X El Capitan operating system.

Version 10.11 of the software, which was released last week, promises split screen working, faster launch times and “more fluid graphics performance in…high-performance apps”.

But Avid said the software caused Media Composer to suffer from unpredictable GUI performance including slowness when opening and closing windows or bins, while composition software Sibelius crashed when a score was closed. Pro Tools is not known to have any issues at the moment, according to Avid.

The company told users of its Media Composer, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Eucon and Isis offerings v10.11 was not supported at the moment, and urged them not to upgrade until it had fully tested the software.

In a post on its website, Avid said: “There are open bugs and known issues with the current shipping versions of some of our products that will need to be addressed prior to qualification.”

Adobe had a similar message for its customers.

In a blog post, Adobe Premiere Pro product manager Al Mooney said users who had upgraded to OS X 10.11 “should be able to continue working without any major issues”.

He said: “We are aware of some issues users of Premiere Pro may experience after upgrading to OS X El Capitan. We are working hard to resolve these issues in a forthcoming release but currently recommend users remain on OS X 10.10.x.”

Reseller Tyrell, which experienced a spike in support calls following last year’s OS X update, emailed its customers at the end of last week to tell them to hold off moving to v10.11.

Tyrell senior engineer Richard Pritzel described Avid and Adobe’s approach as “business as usual”.

He said: “This is speculation, but I believe the lag in certification might be down to NLE manufacturers ensuring their third party vendors are up to date too.

“So, in the case of Avid, they may not be prepared to make their application available until AJA, Blackmagic Design or Boris have done the same for their drivers or applications.”

Neither Avid or Adobe was able to immediately confirm when their programs would support v10.11.