Avid Technology is researching enhancements to its key Media Composer technology for the production of stereoscopic 3D content.

Other post-production kit manufacturers Digital Vision and Autodesk are also developing stereo 3D editorial tools.

Avid solutions manager for the content production market Michael Phillips told Broadcast: “Stereoscopic production is a trend that's growing with feature animation, but also with live action and even sporting events. There are challenges in the post-production process for 3D with regards to editing for pace and rhythm on the Z axis which need to be addressed.”

Avid is reportedly working with several customers on prototype 3D editorial and display tools. “We need tools that allow editors to continue editing in 2D since this is a form in which they feel comfortable. But it is critical to be able to quickly screen in 3D to assess the pace of the edit in a 3D environment,” said Phillips. “Our work up to this point has been to create such a dual environment.”

Digital Vision demonstrated 3D playback direct from its Film Master grading system at NAB. Chief operating officer Simon Cuff said the company has stereo-scopic conform, playback and mastering features in development. He said: “We will look to incorporate our motion estimation technology to assist in the stereographic editorial and mastering process.”

Autodesk is also investigating stereo. “The key need is an effective pipeline that can create stereo CGI as well as effectively manipulate live footage,” said head of industry management Maurice Patel.