NAB 2015: Avid kicked off proceedings at this year’s NAB show with the launch of a host of new software and hardware offerings including a free version of its Media Composer software.

Media Composer First, which will be available later this year, will contain the same core tools as the full-price version of the editing software but with a simplified feature set.

Users will be able to add plugins and effects from Avid’s app store.

It will support up to three cloud projects and up to four video and eight audio tracks.

While it won’t work with Interplay or shared ISIS projects it can use content that is stored on an ISIS.

Avid also launched Artist DNxIO, a high resolution video interface for Ultra HD, 2K and 4K workflows.

It supports real-time DNxHR encoding and works with Avid’s Artist Suite applications as well as Blackmagic Design’s Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

A shared storage system for smaller post facilities was also unveiled. ISIS 1000 offers 20TB of storage and is expandable to 80TB.

And with Avid chief executive Louis Hernandez pledging that Avid will “lead the MAM discussion”, Interplay MAM 5 - a “highly scalable and fully customisable media asset management system” - was revealed.

Other kit launches during today’s Avid Customer Association and press event included a new version of the company’s Sibelius composing software, Avid Venue S6L sound mixing desk for live productions and the Pro Tools S6 Master Joystick Module.

Avid Artist DNxIO

Avid Artist DNxIO is a hardware interface that aims to accelerate high-resolution video production.

It includes hardware by Blackmagic, with the Australian firm announced as a new addition to Avid’s Connectivity Partner programme for the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

“Our partnership with Blackmagic enables us to provide video editors, assistant editors, logging assistants, and other professionals with a cutting-edge system for creating the highest quality video content, all at an affordable price,” said Avid senior vice president of Products and Technology Chris Gahagan.

DNxIO allows for the capture, monitoring and output Ultra HD, 2K and 4K media, as well as HD and SD formats at up to 60fps.

Onboard DNxHR encoding is planned as a future upgrade in Q4 2015.

The hardware fits in a standard 19-inch equipment rack for integration into a workstation or edit bay using PCIe or Thunderbolt connections.

An LCD HD display can be used to monitor footage as it is ingested into and outputted from the system.

Video inputs and outputs include quad SDI, dual 12Gbit optical, HDMI and analogue video.

DNxIO is expected to ship during Q3.

ISIS 1000

ISIS 1000 is now the junior offering in Avid’s line-up of ISIS shared storage systems. Starting at 20TB, it can be expanded to 80TB and can deliver from 36 up to 144 streams of 50Mbps footage. Up to 24 users can access media at the same time.

Avid senior vice president of Products and Technology Chris Gahagan said the $17,995 (£12,290) ISIS 1000 would “help more independent professionals and boutique post-production facilities participate in the Avid Everywhere ecosystem”.

As well as working with Media Composer and Pro Tool, ISIS 1000 will work with third-party applications including Adobe Premiere Pro CC and integrates with third-party asset management software.

It will be available for delivery in Q3.