The sale of BBC Outside Broadcasts to SIS will not hamper the company's plans to invest in new kit for its fleet of trucks.

Along with assurances on pensions and terms and conditions for staff, the new owner has pledged to continue investing in new technology.

BBC OB has already commissioned a systems integrator, Megahertz Broadcast Systems, to build two HD and 5.1 surround sound vehicles. And, according to BBC OB director Mark Tugwell, an overhaul of the rest of the trucks is next.

He told Broadcast: “Once these two trucks are completed, we'll go back through the whole fleet and renew the rest. SIS is committed to the investment in both people and infrastructure and it wants to grow Outside Broadcasts by investing.”

The first phase of the truck build work is underway with Megahertz constructing a new Type 10 vehicle with an HD trailer - which has integrated VT facilities - and an HD production vehicle, a Type 12.

The Type 10 will be a single-sided expander trailer. The Type 12 will be built as a double-sided expander vehicle with an additional pod that will create a deeper gallery for more seating.

Both units will be equipped with a Sony MVS-8000 video switcher, an Evertz EQX router, Dynaudio BM6A and BM5A audio monitors and Bluefin-equipped Calrec Sigma sound desks.

The look and feel of the BBC trucks has been conceived by professional interior designers. Commissioned last autumn, the first unit is due to be completed by July. The second will be ready by November.

BBC Outside Broadcasts was sold to SIS (Satellite Information Services Limited) last week in a deal rumoured to be worth£20m.