BBC Studios and Post Production (S&PP) is designing and building a dedicated post-production operation and HD studio for BBC Sport to deliver multiplatform coverage of the World Cup.

The post-production set-up, which will be located within the Johannesburg International Broadcast Centre, is being built around an EVS network, with LSM servers and IP Director servicing media acquisition and quick replay workflows.

An Avid Unity system with five edit clients will support fast turnaround editing. There will also be a compositing operation for graphics creation.

BBC Sport will supplement the HD coverage from host broadcaster HBS with its own coverage of England team matches, and local colour material from a roving HD crew. An additional crew will follow the England team.

To keep down costs, BBC Sport is using flyaway kits, rather than OB trucks, for the tournament, and sharing some satellite uplink facilities with ITV.

The Johannesburg facilities and an HD studio in Cape Town are being installed by Presteigne Charter and supported by S&PP.

The BBC plans to provide 110 hours of coverage of the World Cup on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC3, plus more than 100 hours of redbutton interactive coverage and 100 hours on the BBC website.