BBC Studios and Post Production (S&PP) is to close its Ruislip-based Digital Media Services Division.

DMS provides restoration and remastering, archiving, compliance and reversioning, transfer and duplication and asset management services.

Some 32 jobs are now at risk, with S&PP considering which elements of DMS might be retained ahead of the closure of the Ruislip operation next year.

BBC S&PP managing director David Conway said the wholly-owned subsidiary of the BBC was realigning S&PP to “focus on the core activities of studios and post-production services”.

Staff were informed yesterday.

“Regrettably, some individuals might be leaving us,” Conway said. “We hope to retain a number of services, and that there will be fewer than 32 role closures. Our focus now on is mitigating the number of role closures.

“Our focus is also on our DMS clients who we will be working closely with over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition to the new approach.”

Conway said the decision to close DMS had been made with “one eye” on S&PP’s 2017 return to a re-developed TVC.

“Our core strengths and success are around studios and post and we want to strengthen in the areas we are best known for – it is that which is driving [the decision to close DMS] more than anything else.

“But there are some elements of DMS which are commoditised and competitive. The best chances of success [for BBC S&PP] is in studios and post services.”

DMS moved to its South Ruislip site in 2013.