BDA has created the set for Lorraine Kelly’s new daily entertainment show, Lorraine, which launched this week as part of ITV1’s Daybreak.


The set uses bespoke branding that features pinks and yellows and has it’s own unique look and feel to reflect the warm, welcoming and bubbly personality of its presenter.

It is designed to support the Lorraine brand and is an extension of the on-air branding of the show.

The design project was led by BDA’s set design creative director Simon Jago and his team and marks the first time that Lorraine has had her own unique show and studio.

Jago said: “The new branding is inspired. The whole mood of the set is vibrant, modern, warm and feminine. It’s bold and yet simple with vibrant pinks using the new branded motif.”

The brief was to create an aspirational set with a genuine sense of geography to reflect the three key areas: Lorraine’s hub - the main presentation area, the kitchen and a flexible performance area.

It also includes a catwalk for fashion shows.

Key details

  • The new set has an 85-inch plasma screen, hot pink sofas and light boxes.
  • Mullions are used to reflect the unique fresh bright branding which forms a key element of the new ‘Lorraine’ branding.
  • The pivotal point of the show is Lorraine’s hub and includes a kitchen area, which is curvy, aspirational and organic in feel using bright pinks and whites.
  • It also has a few ‘quirky’ features such as a blackboard for the ‘menu of the day’ and a clock reflecting the ‘live’ nature of the show.

BDA pitched against two other agencies in order to get the gig. The work took between 5 and 6 weeks to complete from initial pitch.

GMTV development director and creative director of LK programmes said that BDA was chosen for its clever visual interpretation of the new branding. 

“It comes to life in the kitchen, which is stunning,” she said. “Also their use of imagery to communicate Lorraine’s warmth with thoughtful visual references such as curves, colours, aspirational furniture and quirky objects.”