Beam TV, the global approval and distribution network, is making footage available to its clients via web-enabled mobile phones.

Users who want to view and approve their work can log on to, a stripped down version of the Beam TV website, with a username and password and view their the media during or after post-production.

Michael Davey, senior systems developer at, said: “This is a fundamental shift in how content is accessed.

"By utilising state of the art technologies and encoding formats we can now offer our clients on the move a convenient, integrated and simple to use means for approving their assets and bridge the gap between people working in the field and those back at head office. ”

To make it work, a media file, such as an MPEG2, is uploaded to the Beam TV service and automatically converted to the compression standard H264.

A transcoding engine and management system - put together by Beam - then creates a small, but high quality, file that is made available on is a digital global distribution network.