Consolidation and polarisation are the watch words of this year's Broadcast Post Survey with the 10 largest companies taking home nearly 60% of the money spent on TV post production in the UK.

Taking just post production income from television into consideration, the combined turnover of the top 10 was£167 million. The rest of the industry made£125m.

Overall revenues from television were up by£38 million to£292 million.

In the 2007 survey the top 10 pulled in£144 million from total television revenues of£254m.

The increase reflects how several of the big companies within the post market are expanding and growing though merger and acquisition. Only last month VTR plc (Prime Focus Group) bought two visual effects companies.

The post market in the UK - taking into account film, commercials, DVD and television work - is now worth around£570 million. Allowing for improved researching and gathering of data, that is an increase of£100m year-on-year.

Broadcast's Post Survey 2008 collated financial data and opinion from 100 post facilities.

For more results and analysis see Broadcast magazine on Thursday (14 February)