A consumer survey has revealed that Brits have a huge thirst for on-demand programming - but only if it's free.

According to the 2008 Digital Entertainment Survey, carried out by media lawyers Wiggin, the most pupular content is 'recently released movies' with 84% of survey respondents saying that are interested in watching those on-demand.

There is also a thirst for comedy (79% interested), live music concerts (72% interested) and recorded gigs (67% interested).

Current use of on-demand services, however, is limited. YouTube is the most popular provider and Channel 4's 4OD service is top amongst broadcasters 15% use. Project "Kangaroo," the mooted single platform service from the BBC, ITV and C4 heightens interest. 52% said they are more interested in this service than other services.

Perhaps not surprisingly, when confronted with the three options regarding paying for these services - subscription with unlimited content, pay per view and free ad-supported models - the free model won comprehensively. 70% would rather put up with the ads than pay for the content.

The good news for broadcasters who have spent millions on on-demand services is that Virgin Media (20%), 4OD (15%), BBC iPlayer (13%) all get some market share judging by this sample.

Russell Hart, chief executive of Entertainment Media Research commented, "While there's huge interest in content on-demand, only specific types of content look likely to realise mass market paid-for revenues. A viable business strategy needs to ensure that content in demand is also capable of being monetised."

The 2008 Digital Entertainment Survey was commissioned by specialist media lawyers Wiggin and was carried out online in January 2008. The research was designed and reported by entertainment and music research experts Entertainment Media Research. The sample comprised over 1,600 music consumers aged 15-54, representative of UK national demographics.

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