‘The series seamlessly combines sharp wit, harrowing realism, perfectly formed characters and award-worthy acting’

This adaptation of Adam Kay’s bestselling memoir follows a junior doctor as he struggles to balance his personal life with the pressures of working on an overstretched and underresourced NHS maternity ward.

The BBC/AMC co-pro sets out to reflect the cross-section of society that filters through the doors of a publicly funded hospital while raising the question of who looks after our carers. Kay himself takes on writing duty for the drama and does not flinch from depicting the full, exhausting experience of being a junior doctor on screen.

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Played by Ben Whishaw, Dr Adam Kay is an anti-hero who is battling his own ego, as well as the bureaucracy and pressures of NHS life. He is ably supported by a cast that includes newcomer Ambika Mod as Shruti Acharya, a freshfaced, talented junior doctor.

“The series seamlessly combines sharp wit, the harrowing realism of the maternity ward and operating theatre, perfectly formed characters, award-worthy acting and, most importantly, represents the challenges the NHS faces and the human impact that has,” said one judge, while another described it as “devastating, terrifying and hilarious”.

Lauded by the medical community, This Is Going To Hurt sparked a national debate over how we treat our frontline medical workers.



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