This week’s task on BBC’s The Apprentice will see the candidates attempt to launch their own Formula E teams


The challenge facing the candidates in BBC’s The Apprentice this week is to launch their own Formula E teams.

The episode, which airs at 9pm on Thursday (29 February) on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer, will see the candidates bringing to life their own championship race teams.


The task was revealed at the end of last week’s show, with Lord Sugar saying simply: “I want you to launch a new Formula E team”, and not giving anything else away about what this might entail.

Meanwhile, in the spin-off series, The Apprentice: You’re Fired, presenter Tom Allen introduced a short preview of the episode showing the contestants at Battersea Power Station meeting Lord Sugar to kick off the task.

This was followed by some footage of one of the groups making a commercial for their Formula E team, shouting out buzzwords and phrases such as a “cleaner future”, “exciting”, “economic” and “reduce emissions”.

It also showed another group attempting to design a logo for their Formula E team and, naturally, disagreeing intently on the creative direction it should take.