Calrec Audio is bringing to market a new technology protocol that will give a vision mixer the ability to control autofades on a Calrec sound desk.

Ross Integration Remote Audio Protocol has been designed to be used in live or as-live environments in studios and outside broadcast. It will allow fader modules on any Calrec console to be controlled remotely.

The interface also provides individual control of faders, cuts, and pfl (pre-fade listen) of up to 192 faders on a Calrec console directly from the Ross OverDrive Automated Production Control (APC) System.

This integration enables the control of both audio and video on a given broadcast from the vision mixer or OverDrive system.

OverDrive is a production control system that enables touch screen control over the devices used in a production environment.

It integrates with the Synergy SD and MD/X series of production switchers in order to control video servers, VTRs, DDRs, audio mixers and stills stores.

Calrec, based in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, makes analogue and digital audio mixing consoles for radio production, television production and on-air.