Specialist camera systems company Camera Corps is hoping to create new opportunities for its CCU-5 camera control unit by introducing it to the direct purchase market for the first time.

The CCU-5 works with range of cameras including those not provided with a camera control unit (CCU) by their manufacturer.

It was previously only available to Camera Corps customers on a hire or project management basis.

The managing director Laurie Frost said: "The CCU-5 was designed to support our long-established programme project management and product-rental activity.

"The system has proved thoroughly reliable on a wide variety of productions including outside broadcasts and reality-television programmes. We are now introducing it to the direct purchase market."

Each of the five camera-select buttons on the 354 x 102 x 60 mm controller can be programmed to control a different type of camera.

Each camera connects via balanced audio cable to its respective interface module which delivers power and performs control signal decoding.

A variety of interface modules are available including versions providing direct motor drives for pan and tilt heads plus smaller units with batteries and RF receivers for ultra-compact camera control over a radio link.

Available interfaces

Other available interface facilities include cue/tally light detection, remote switching for blowers, and windscreen wash/wipe.

Pan, tilt zoom and focus drives are provided for various types of pan and tilt head and both Fujinon and Canon conferencing or ENG lenses.

Camera Corps has also completed a distribution deal with Polecam. The agreement assigns full international distribution rights for Camera Corps products to Polecam and its worldwide network of resellers.

Polecam will also represent Camera Corps at major television industry exhibitions in Africa, America, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Middle East.

Camera Corps provides high-volume remote camera control support services to major sports events including the Commonwealth Games, summer and winter Olympics, and World Cup football.

More here: www.cameracorps.co.uk

See Camera Corps on the Polecam stand (C62) at Broadcast Live & Video Forum 2008.