Cameron Pace Group (CPG), the 3D technology firm founded by James Cameron and Vince Pace, is preparing to dramatically increase its presence in the UK.

The US-based firm provides 3D rigs and workflow technology for feature films, live sport and music events in the US.

Chief executive Pace told Broadcast that conversations with UK broadcasters are now “starting to happen”.

“Part of our business model is a proper presence in the UK that will instil confidence in the likes of Sky and the BBC. Shipping over rigs is very limiting for us,” Pace said.

CPG’s UK arm will be a third of the size of its US headquarters, with 15 to 20 employees to be deployed in the next six months. The facility will be centred on a mobile unit and Pace said the priority is to have enough space to allow directors and DoPs to test the company’s 3D systems.

“Our Shepperton facility, where we were based for the films 47 Ronin and Hugo, is set up for DI, but it’s not really set up for the actual hands-on portion,” Pace said. CPG’s Fusion 3D system of rigs and mobile workflow unit was used for coverage of the NBA Finals, while its Shadow technology was used at the US Masters.

“The UK is a positive light to the 3D community,” Pace added. “People in the UK are embracing 3D and there are media for delivering it between feature films and TV, such as in pubs or clubs, which the US just doesn’t have.”

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