Canon has announced firmware updates for seven of its professional cameras including the EOS C700, C100 and C100 Mk II, XC10, XC15 and ME200S-SH.

Features include new recording options, improvements to workflow and lens corrections.

The C100 Mk II, for example, now has a shutter angle priority mode that maintains the shutter angle when the frame rate is changed.

The C700 update offers extra recording modes when using Codex recorders including 4K/QFHD ProRes, 4.5K Max 100 fps, 4.5K cinescope 120 fps, 422 HQ 10 bit 60 fps and 2K

For the ME200S-SH additional auto exposure modes can be added while the the C100 and C100 DAF gain peripheral illumination correction data for various lenses.