This forthcoming 3 x 60-minute factual series airing on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4 promises to reveal the patterns of our lives from a strikingly fresh perspective.

Lion is delivering the finished programmes as HD masters, while over 100 video clips for are being delivered direct to the BBC's media server as Flash files. YouTube clips are delivered separately on tape masters for the BBC to encode and upload. More than 40 clips were exclusively filmed and edited for the web and YouTube.

Individual clips are outputted by Lion to a dedicated station which uses the latest version of Sorenson Squeeze to create Flash files as per the BBC's Enhanced Media Player specification which are then FTP'd to the BBC's media servers. Lion then provides the files as a data DVD and backs up to a Digibeta master.

“We learnt a lot from this project as well as from Castaway last year when we were delivering not only material for the web but red button content over satellite, all from a sheep paddock in New Zealand,” says Lion Interactive's Kirsty Hunter.

“I'd advise others embarking on these sorts of projects to spend time planning a clear workflow, building extra time in the post schedule for finalising and delivering content. It's best to have all the media available in all suites at the same resolution. Do lots of test files and communicate constantly with the broadcaster about the final formats.”