US company Cinedeck is debuting a camera-mounted, cinema-grade direct-to-disk recorder (DDR) that has the potential to replace several components in a production workflow.


The eponymous device is portable, records from nearly any HDMI or HDSDI camera and also provides the capabilities of a focus monitor, a playback device and a laptop.

It enables a user to do a variety of tasks such as connect to the web, check exposure settings, review footage, edit dailies and monitor video in real-time.

“Cinedeck was born from years of experience in the field, lugging so-called portable and very expensive tape and direct-to-disk solutions through the Panamanian rain forests, Turkish deserts, and on the back of jeeps hurtling down pot-holed roads of Kazakhstan,” said Charles d’Autremont, founder and creator of Cinedeck. 

“We finally said, this is ridiculous, we can do better. We decided to create a new standard for portability, quality and reliability, and most of all, to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Key features and specs

  • Cinedeck captures edit-ready, platform agnostic, 10-bit 4:2:2 or 12-bit 4:4:4 CineForm digital intermediaries in MOV or AVI format and records to solid-state drives.
  • It plays back shots via on-screen transport controls, or via wireless physical transport controls.
  • Any editing software can be used with Cinedeck but an external VGA monitor and pointing device are recommended.
  • Cinedeck is about the size of a shoebox and weighs less than three pounds.

The first version of Cinedeck, the Extreme, will cost $7995.

Additional models, including Cinedeck 3D, Cinedeck/2K, Cinedeck/422 and Cinedeck/DSLR will be announced later in 2010.

Extreme Facilities is the UK distributor for Cinedeck.