Film laboratory service Cinelabs International has completed the acquisition of London-based Bucks Media Services (BMS).

Bucks Media Services, which currently provides colour and black and white negative and print processing, will be rebranded as Cinelab London.

Cinelabs said it would immediately look to increase capacity and develop digital dailies offerings and on-location services. 

Cinelabs International chief executive Rodrigo Ruiz-Tarazona said: “The addition of this operation is an essential stage in our European strategy. 

“We can now provide a Europe-wide high quality, reliable film service. 

“The London business is staffed by an excellent team of people who care about their clients and we are looking forward to establishing the Cinelab name as a centre of excellence for everyone passionate about film.”

The BMS deal follows the 2012 acquisitions of Cinelab Romania and Cinelab Greece from Kodak.

Former BMS owner David Buck said: “I’m very proud of the business my team and I have built up over the years.

“The acquisition of BMS by Cinelabs will continue to develop and extend the services that we currently offer to the industry.

“This is welcome news for a community passionate about film who should have comfort that Cinelab will be there to service requirements for as long as there is demand”

Former director and general manager at Kodak David Webb has also joined the Cinelabs management team as European sales director.