Clear Cut Pictures has taken delivery of a new Alchemist Ph.C-HD motion compensated standards converter from Snell and Wilcox.

The Alchemist Ph.C-HD does up, down and cross conversion from all HD formats and features CleanCut, a Snell and Wilcox development that ensures that cuts are the same at the output as they were at the input.

It also improves the resolution of SD formats by filling in the missing pixels to create smoother, sharper lines.

This will be particularly useful for Clear Cut projects which use archive footage - or a mix of SD and HD - as it gives the overall result a glossier finish.

“We do an enormous amount of HD work and we try always in our tapeless workflows to increase the quality of the masters,” said Clear Cut chief executive Horacio Queiro.

“We mainly work natively and when we alter the compression we always increase quality and never reduce it. We now have the technology that really adds quality to all of our clients' HD and SD projects.”

The Alchemist Ph.C-HD has also noise reduction to further aid the quality of the pictures where compression pre-processing is needed.

The tight integration of motion compensated conversion, CleanCut and noise reduction combine to make it a very compression-friendly device.

“We can also get our Alchemist HD to work in conjunction with our Dolby e theatres and produce a converted Dolby e new master of different frame rates,” said Queiro.

Clear Cut Pictures, based in Shepherd's Bush, offers a full post production service from edit to final online, grade and dub. It also provides dry-hire, duplication and technical support.