Zoo Digital will use NAB to launch a cloud-based platform for dubbing TV programmes and feature films.

ZOOdubs covers the dubbing process from script localisation and adaptation to casting, auditioning, recording, editing and mixing. 

Voice artists can record auditions live, with casting directors able to search, review and cast on the move using a tablet computer. Video direction and collaborative script review can also happen within ZOOdubs.

The company said: “Until now the dubbing process has been prone to error, offered content owners little visibility of the workflow and engaged a limited pool of voice talent. Lines of audio missed during recording sessions often lead to delays and additional costs, and hearing the same voice artists appear over and over again in their content is an ongoing frustration for clients. The ZOOdubs platform addresses these issues.”

Users can track projects as they move through the process milestones, reviewing and approving materials, and join in with live dubbing sessions from anywhere in the world.

Stringent cloud-based security protocols have been put in place to ensure that all video, audio and dubbing reference materials are stored safely, the company added.

Zoo Digital will be showing ZOOdubs at NAB

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